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Sonny Brewer

The Boy and the Tree

Steve Cushman


Michael Czyzniejewski

On the Other Hand

Darrin Doyle


Laura Valeri

Cold War

Kevin Wilson


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Dan Albergotti, Editor

Natasha Trethewey's "Vespertina Cognitio" Featured at Best New Poems Online

Welcome to our second issue


Rebecca Barry

The Invisible Mom

Sonya Huber

Postcards from the Fatherland

Judith Kitchen

Three Mental Migrations

Stephen Kuusisto

Flawless Memory

Kyle Minor

This Isn't Like That

Kathleen Rooney

Let Us Proclaim the Mystery


Chad Davidson

Dollar General

Four Corners

Robin Ekiss

First Birthday

The Maid of Cotton Reads Gertrude Stein

Amaud Jamaul Johnson

Orange County Fair

The Front Matter

Anna Journey

Drowned Angel Blues

The Gypsy's Late Arrival

David Kirby

These Arms of Mine

Townes Van Zandt

Inman Majors


Sebastian Matthews

Around the Fire after a Brief Rain

Mountain Snow

Natasha Trethewey

Vespertina Cognitio

Brian Turner

Circumnavigating the Globe

Vollum 14578

Doug Van Gundy


The Return of the Almighty

Steven Wingate

Epistle to St. Paul upon Seeing the Power Team at First Baptist Church, Lake Charles, LA

The Scar Belt

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