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New stories by:

Ned Balbo • Matthew Fiander • Khanh Ha • Charles Israel, Jr. • Marianne Villanueva

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New essays by:

Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams • Erin Grauel • Tom McAllister • Lane Osborne • Cynthia Schoch

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New poems by:

Paul Allen • Agatha Beins • Mark J. Brewin, Jr. • Nickole Brown • Michelle Chan Brown • Jo Brachman • Katy Didden • Anthony DiMatteo • Karla Huston • Donald Illich • Elizabeth W. Jackson • Terry L. Kennedy • Keetje Kuipers • Diane Lockward • Christopher Martin • Thorpe Moeckel • Alan Michael Parker • Mike Smith

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A welcome to the twelfth issue of Waccamaw.

We are not currently accepting unsolicited submissions. A redesigned Waccamaw will debut later in 2014. Check back here for announcements of future calls for submissions and issue launch dates.

April 23, 2014: This is the date we would normally be launching the spring issue of Waccamaw, but we are taking a one-issue break as we update the journal and transition to a new server and new editorial structure. Look for a new call for submissions soon and for the next issue of Waccamaw in the fall of this year.

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