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Dan Albergotti, Editor

Masthead, Issue 8

Submission Guidelines


Michael Fischer

Sounds of Dolphins

Siân Griffiths


James Valvis

The Disappearing Fathers of Jersey City

Chad Willenborg

The Boat

Gregory Wolos

Magic in Loser Paradise, 1990

News & Features

Dan Albergotti, Editor

Welcome to Waccamaw Issue 8

Jason Ockert, Fiction Editor

The Waccamaw Interview Wheel


Jim Krosschell

Owl's Head Revisited

Thao Thai

Black Ice

Jason Tucker

Bottled Spirits


Julie Brooks Barbour

Small Movements

Carol Carpenter

She Makes Her Bed

Juliana Gray

Like, As, As If


Karen Greenbaum-Maya

My Mother Is a Metaphor

Amorak Huey

Conspiracy Theories

Lesley Jenike

As from a Great Height

Terry L. Kennedy

Mississippi Radio


Stephen Lackaye

The Ventriloquist's Soul

Gary Leising


Sandy Longhorn

Cautionary Tale of Girls and Birds of Prey

Nina Riggs

Battleground Avenue

World of Trouble

Daniel Saalfeld


Brynn Saito

Mercy Me

Tim Suermondt

Warning Track

Ryan Teitman

Dear Doctor Franklin

Hard Light through Hemlock

Matthew Thorburn

“And So They are Ever Returning to Us, the Dead”

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