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Elizabeth Ellen

The First Time I Saw Elvis

John Goldbach

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Jeff Parker

The Boy and the Colgante

Richard Schmitt

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Mike Simpson

Wenberg At the End

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Dan Albergotti, Editor

Welcome to Our First Issue

Randall A. Wells

The Waccamaw


Paul Cody

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Joe Oestreich



Paul Allen

The Mind as Mr. Potato Head

Martin Arnold

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Kevin Boyle

At Ease

The Incarnation

Donald Brees

The Marriage

Melanie Carter

Acoustics for the Deaf


Jack Gilbert

Getting It Right

Linda Gregg

Just Before Night

Barbara Hamby


Raskolnikov Rates the Plays

Susan Meyers

Dear Obligation,

Looking at a Map, Its Rivers

Joshua Poteat

Illustrating the theory of winds

Rhett Iseman Trull

Naming the Baby for Mark and Terra

Well before the Party Started

Katrina Vandenberg

Birth Order

Handwriting Analysis

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