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Masthead, Issue 7

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Cezarija Abartis

The Writer

Kathryn A. Brackett

Places Like This

Nick Stokes

What Never Happened

Aida Zilelian

The Darkness of North

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Dan Albergotti, Editor

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Welcome to Waccamaw Issue 7

Joe Oestreich, Nonfiction Editor

David Shields Takes a Side


Marcia Aldrich

To Let the Cold Take Me

Kurt Caswell

Crossing Over the Mountain

Steven Church

The Colossal Colon

Sonja Livingston

Dare: A Parenthetical Aside


Mary Biddinger

A Genesis

Stacey Lynn Brown

Aftertaste, 1934

Michelle Y. Burke

We Were Never Stones

Will Cordeiro

Bethlehem, PA

Erica Dawson

To the Blacksmith

Kerri French

Battle Forest

Letting the Body Decide

Jeff Hardin

A Day the Same as Any Other

Michael Lauchlan


David McAleavey

Once by

Joey Nicoletti

Condemned Mental Hospital Elegy

The Flashlight Fish

Marielle Prince

En Route to the Mountain

Michael Schmeltzer

This Body Which Is Water We Call Home

Brian Simoneau

In summer the song sings itself

Michael T. Young

How a Bridge Is Built

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