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Dan Albergotti, Editor

Masthead, Issue 9

Submission Guidelines


Lauren Eyler

The Judas Thing

Lou Gaglia


Tawnysha Greene

A House Made of Stars

Craig Hartglass

Visiting Tomas

Vic Sizemore

Before I Forget

News & Features

Dan Albergotti, Editor

A Welcome to Waccamaw Issue 9

Nine More Gates: An Introduction

Nicky Beer

Gates Beyond Gates

Mary Biddinger

Love Song for an Enormous Pair of Red Lips; Or, The Key to the City is Not Always a Key

Traci Brimhall

A Love So Strong It Nails You to the World: A Life in Poetry

Chad Davidson and Gregory Fraser

The Gate's Hinge: Organizing Indirection in Poetry

Erica Dawson

John Donne Is My Pusherman

Camille Dungy

Oh, To Be Inarticulate

John Hoppenthaler

Like Cranes on the Wing

Doug Van Gundy

Points of Entry

Katrina Vandenberg

Poetry and the Body


Amy Bernhard

Storm Chasers

Joe Bonomo

The Blur Family

Matt Roberts


Tana Young

These Familiar Carvings


Colleen Abel

The Suicide, at Two

Derrick Austin


Bruce Bond


Chris Bullard


Holly Virginia Clark



David J. Daniels

The Age of Nancy

To an Old Queen Getting Dressed

Mary Hutchins Harris


Marie-Elizabeth Mali

One Long Leaving

The Wildness Inside

Diane K. Martin

What It Takes

Erika Meitner

The Architecture of Memory

The Way It Is (II)

Julie L. Moore

Palm Sunday

Jeff Newberry

With Benjamin in Greensboro, Alabama

David Roderick

The Inconsolable

Jay Rubin


Kelli Russell Agodon

Reading The Book of Orgasms at Mount St. Helens

Steven D. Schroeder

A Familiar Conversation

Stefanie Silva

A Refrigerator's the Safest Place During a Fire

Ken Turner

Missing Weight

Nearer to the Bone

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