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Dan Albergotti, Editor

Masthead, Issue 10

Submission Guidelines


David Cotrone


Chris Poole

Loose Thoughts

Kristen Hamelin Tracey

The Runaway

Wolfgang Wright


News & Features

Dan Albergotti, Editor

A Welcome to Waccamaw Issue 10

Sonja Livingston

Inspiration in Three Quotes

Amy Monticello

More Than One True Thing

Joe Oestreich, Nonfiction Editor

How the Sausage is Made: An Introduction

Kathleen Rooney

Jackass, Cool Hand Luke, and Christ

Jason Skipper

First Memoir: The Mystery of Gravity

Sheila Squillante

Twenty Years, Many Meals and One Book Later: A Dead Dad Day Recipe


Angie Chuang

The Scarf

Michelle Herman

Keeping House

Elena Passarello

Three Dialogues

Nicole Walker

Microclimates Lower Sonoran


D. S. Apfelbaum

Exit Bar

David Bruzina


Steve Cushman

Tree Stump

Anna Evans

A Difficult Job

Iris, Transplanted

Christian Anton Gerard

When She Amtraked to Canada

You Fell in Love with Her Elbows?

Kathleen Hellen


Kit Loney

Music Box

Michael McFee


F. Daniel Rzicznek

Of Burial

Of Travel

Erin Elizabeth Smith

On Falling in Love Again

Adam Tavel

Cento from The Church of the Nazarene's Advent Marquee

Heather Treseler

In the Waiting Room


Corrie Williamson

A Sparrow's Life's as Sweet as Mine

William Wright

The Book of Nights

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